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Accessories and Other Products

Here you will find accessories, frames and other products used for business cards, rosaries, coins, and for any small item you need to store.



#P86 Medium Pattent Clamshell Asst. 156x66x35mm
#6 Medium Clamshell Asst. Skins & Colors or Blk. Smooth 159x66x33mm
# 7 Lrg. Kidney Shaped Blk. Smooth or Asst. Skins & Colors 158x70x40mm
Cleaning Clothes 6" x 7" units of 100


Quality Cases 

Cleaning Solution 2oz & 4 oz
Top VL 214 Burg&Navy / Bottom VI 214 Assort.
BC1 Business card or Clothe holder Asst.
Top VI 22 Bottom VI 23 Snap Closure Asst.
VL 144 Velvet Velcro Closure Burgund & Navy
VI 314 Velcro Closure Assorted Colors
VI 144 Velcro Closure Assorted Colors
VI 20 Zipper Closure Assorted Colors
VI 21 Gusset velcro Closure Assorted Colors

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